Laser Gum Contouring

There are lots of people that are unhappy with their smile. Most of the time this can be because they have crooked, broken or missing teeth that are spoiling their smile, but it is not only teeth that can cause you anxiety over your smile. Sometimes it can be something other than your teeth. It can be your gums!

Lots of people are not confident about their smile, not because of their teeth, but because they may have a ‘gummy’ smile where too much of their gums show when they smile.

This can often mean that people hold their mouth awkwardly when they try to smile, or they choose to purse their lips so as not to show their teeth (and gums) at all. Sometimes they will simply hide their smile away by turning their head and smiling behind a hand to prevent exposing their gums.

It can take a lot of hard work to constantly hide your smile away and you can never really relax and let your guard down and smile naturally. This causes people a lot of anxiety and they will often avoid social gatherings or situations where they may be judged by their smile.

Gum contouring: a quick and effective treatment

There is great news for those that worry about their gummy-smile. Glow Dental offer a treatment technique that is called gum contouring. This treatment involves us using a laser to carefully trim away any excess gum tissue.

We can shape your gums so that it looks more natural and in balance with your teeth. Your emerging smile will be more in proportion with your teeth and you will feel much more confident about smiling in public without the worry of exposing your gums.

Our gentle gum contouring treatments are quite straightforward, especially when compared with many other dental procedures. Contouring can actually take very little time. Depending on how much work is needed, many patients will only need one treatment with us to get the results they want.

Is gum contouring painful?

This is probably the first question that will spring to your mind when considering having this treatment. The simple answer is that these days gum contouring is much less painful than it used to be.

Before the use of laser treatments with gum contouring a dentist would have used a scalpel to cut and shape the gums and the wounds may have needed tiny stitches in some cases. However, with the advancements in dental laser treatments, gum contouring has now become a largely pain-free treatment.

Because the laser cuts away and naturally seals up the wounds behind it, there is no excessive bleeding caused and no need for the gums to be stitched together. You are left with no open wounds to heal so your recovery will be much quicker too!

You will be given local anaesthesia for the procedure so will remain awake throughout.

What can I expect after having laser contouring?

Following the procedure, you may still feel a little mild pain because your gums will most probably be sore and a little swollen. However, because there will be no open wounds to heal your recovery time will be much swifter and you can manage any pain with regular over-the-counter painkillers and mouthwash.

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