Who Needs To Wear Dentures?

//Who Needs To Wear Dentures?

Who Needs To Wear Dentures?

Dental Dentures

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For many people, the prospect of wearing and taking care of dentures can seem like a hassle, but dentures can actually be a positive solution, helping your teeth to look more natural. Plus with modern dental technology advances, they are much more comfortable to wear than ever before.

Long gone are the images of ill-fitting false teeth that looked really obvious to everyone around you. These days dentures are custom-made to fit the patient. They are used to replace missing teeth and are made to be taken out and put back into your mouth with ease.

So comfortable and natural looking are modern dentures that people don’t need to know that you wear them, and they are not at all obvious. Your dentist will take the greatest care to craft dentures that perfectly match the size, shape and natural colour of your existing teeth, so you don’t have to worry that your dentures will look super-white and shiny when compared to your natural teeth.

As to the question of who wears dentures, the answer is: whoever needs them! Dentures are not just the realm of older people. Dentures are suitable for any aged patient. You can benefit from wearing a denture if you experience an accident that causes permanent tooth loss, or if you suffer from an illness or disease that leads to tooth loss.

Consideration for wearing dentures

Although great care is taken to fashion and mould your dentures to sit comfortably in your mouth and function like your natural teeth, wearing dentures do take a little bit of getting used to. They will not feel exactly the same as your natural teeth, but from the outside they will look just the same.

While you may be happy to forgo dentures if you are not overly worried about your smile, there are actually benefit from choosing to wear them. Wearing dentures can help to support your natural teeth and will prevent facial muscle sag over the area of your missing teeth, which can lead a person to look much older than they are.

Eating and drinking will also be made easier by wearing dentures. Speaking and talking with your family and friends is also easier and clearer while wearing dentures – all these things that we take for granted before losing our teeth can be restored through the use of dentures!

Taking care of your dentures

After a while of wearing your dentures, you will need to have them checked over and relined or rebased by your dentist. You may even need to have them completely remade if your dentures have suffered a lot of wear and tear or have become damaged and cannot be repaired.

Your mouth will naturally change shape as you age too, so your dentures should be checked over if they start to feel loose or they begin to rub and irritate your gums while eating. Usually you will only need to get your dentures checked annually, but if you experience any changes between check ups, it is best to book an appointment to have your dentures examined.


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